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Unmistakable: How I Understand Saori Weaving

When her computer crashed, digital artist and coder Juliet Martin was driven to get her hands on something real. She discovered Saori weaving and its mind-altering philosophy of no-mistakes and no-holds-barred self-expression. Find out more about Saori, its founders and Martin’s work using the approach, here.

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The Business of Art: Framing & Finishing Your Work

Do you bring the same A-game to finishing your work as you do to creating it? Gallery owner Dori Settles often encounters artist who don’t. Get her insights on some red flag issues so that sloppy presentation doesn’t devalue your ideas, mastery of technique and reputation for professionalism – or the opportunity to get your work selected for exhibition.

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Archiving Obiko, Muse of Artwear Movement

Whether you rocked the “art wear” movement of the 1970-90s yourself or are curious about its enduring impact, this new archive gives you access to the visionaries and creators who made the scene – and the look. Let artist-designer Ana Lisa Hedstrom introduce you to the inspiring resource she co-created with sister art wear doyenne Jean Cacicedo for the Textile Arts Council website.

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